Podcast, Writing & Classes

ILLUSTRATION ROUNDTABLE is a platform I co-run with artist Vanilla Chi to help Chinese-speaking illustrators and illustration students find accessible resources and information to boost-start their career.

We produce monthly podcasts and long-format interviews with Chinese creatives to discuss a wide range of topics. We've talked to other illustration educator, agent, art director, independent publisher, freelancer, in-house illustrator, printmaker and so many more.

So far we've cover the topic of
•  Style
•  Studying Illustration Abroad
•  Seeking Commercial Success
•  Working with Art Directors
•  Social Responsibility of an Illustrator
•  Self-publishing and Art Book Fair
•  Working in-house
•  Self-education
•  Starting a Printmaking Studio
•  Talent Agency
•  Mental Health 

Our guests include:

•  Lisk Feng
•  Jun Cen
•  Weitong Mai
•  Yingda Dong
•  Yulong Lli
•  Tian ke
•  Shaoshuang Guan
•  Daisy Zuozuo
•  Meijia Xu
•  Peng Mo
•  Hammer Chen
•  Vikki Zhang
•  Eve Liu
•  Careyleo_山鬼
•  Slow Movement
•  Wan Xing 顽形

Mentorship & Portfolio Review

I've been offering private teaching service in the past three years.

Here's a list of service I offer:

•  Portfolio Review (60/90 mins)
•  Portfolio Mentorship (3 months - year long)
•  Mock Interview
•  Career Advice
Currently these are only open to Illustration-oriented portfolios and students. In the future they will also be open to graphic design portfolios.

Please email me zzx.jow@gmail.com in regard to your need.

Collegiate Teaching Portfolio

Table of Content:
1.  Teaching Philosophy
2.  Inclusivity Statement
3.  Three Course Proposal
4.  Proposed Syllabus
5.  Final Assignment
6.  Mid-term Feedback Form
7.  Critique Guide
8.  Grading Rubric